20190226 RFS PMR

Above: Louis Theron (L) and Gunter Pfeifer (R) with the 2019 PMR Diamond Arrow for the Pensions / Retirement Fund Administrators category.

Retirement Fund Solutions (RFS) has been awarded the 2019 PMR Diamond Arrow award. This is the 4th Diamond Arrow awarded to RFS for achieving 1st place in the category ‘Pension / Retirement Fund Administrators’ in as many times participated.

Marthinuz Fabianus, Managing Director of RFS, dedicated the award to the tireless commitment and dedication of RFS staff that often go beyond the call of duty. He remarked that the Diamond Arrow did not come easily as RFS squared off against established multinationals. He thanked RFS clients for consistent support and loyalty over the past 19 years RFS that has been in business.

The Diamond Arrow is awarded to the participant with the highest score of not less than 4.10/5. RFS scored 4.26/5.

Second place Gold Arrow went to Old Mutual with a score of 4.20/5. Sanlam took the Silver Arrow with a score of 4.15/5. Alexander Forbes was fourth in this category with a score of 4.06/5.