What is the purpose of our so-called tripartite model to social security when the government, through the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Labour Creation, ignores the results of a long consultative process on a model for a National Pension Fund for Namibia? All the time and money invested by the SSC, Labour and Employer organisations have been wasted. The waste of resources is very disappointing, as is the fact that the SSC is now trying to blame the NEF for not responding by the due date for comments.

Factually, MLIREC has long made up its mind about the ILO design and has no interest in SSC’s proposed design. There was no MLIREC representative at the meeting called by SSC to present their model during September 2023. Yes, the NEF was requested after the SCC presentation to express its preference between the two. The problem was that, in terms of fairness to its members, the NEF needed more time to consult with them. The NEF informed the SSC that it could not comment by the requested date. The SSC indicated that it was going to wait for the NEF. The NEF followed up its verbal communication with a short letter before the SSC communicated a new deadline. However, before the NEF could provide its formal response, rumours were already circulating early this year about the meeting held in December between the SSC and the MLIREC about its decision in favour of the ILO model.

A letter of 13 June from the SSC to the NEF states, “We are pleased to invite you as our valued stakeholder to participate in an engagement with the Social Security Commission, scheduled for 24 June 2024, from 08h30 - 13h00 at AVANI Hotel in Windhoek, to discuss and seek clarification on the SSC’s implementation of the National Pension Fund (NPF)… Given the above, the SSC once more seek your audience to obtain relevant input, comments and guidance as we navigate the NPF Journey. This workshop with the NEF has the following objectives :

  1. To present again to you the critical aspects of the NPF Design, Governance and Implementation to provide clarifications and seek your comments and input;
  2. To share the draft Roadmap for the implementation of the NPF;
  3. To identify implementation issues and receive guidance on stakeholder priorities for the next phase.

Inviting someone “…to discuss and seek clarification…” when the invitee’s inputs and opinions were already rejected is a bit like adding insult to injury.

Employers and Labour are urged to mobilise resources and make their voices heard.

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