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We look forward to serving our clients with renewed zeal and commitment. We expect 2022 to be a watershed year for all in the retirement funds industry. Since Retirement Fund Solutions (RFS) opened its doors some 22 years ago, a lot has since changed as one would expect. RFS took on the administration of its first client, the Cymot Employees Pension Fund on 01 July 2000. The Benchmark Retirement Fund was also founded by RFS and admitted its first client (Blood Transfusion Services group) on 01 July 2000. Since commencing business, RFS’ commitment to clients has been to provide unrivalled and premium service to its clients. The RFS team is still driven by the same promise and commitment to its clients to this day.

202112 staff

The staff of Retirement Fund Solutions look forward to being at your service in 2021.

The year 2022 is more than just of numerological interest to RFS.

RFS and the Benchmark Retirement Fund grew from strength to strength over the last 22 years, as we grew to manage pension fund assets of more than 200 employer groups, involving around 40 thousand members and pensioners, with combined assets of around N$ 25 billion. The Benchmark Retirement Fund alone grew to around 15 thousand members and the assets under our administration passed the N$ 5 billion mark.

We have seen and adapted to various evolutionary changes in the pension fund service industry over the course of the last two decades. Major technological and operational changes were induced by Covid over the last year. The challenges and changes have made of us a stronger and resilient team. We therefore welcome the new year with belief, optimism and readiness to take-on what it brings.

We look forward to the support and progress during this year.


Marthinuz Fabianus
Managing Director

Marthinuz Fabianus graduated from Namibian University of Science & Technology with a Diploma in Commerce and Bachelors in Business Management. He completed a senior management development programme at University of Stellenbosch and various short courses including a macro-economic policy course which he completed at the International Training Centre of the ILO in Turin, Italy. Marthinuz also serves as trustee on the board of the Benchmark Retirement Fund and is a member of the board of the Retirement Funds Institute of Namibia. Marthinuz also served as a Commissioner on the Social Security Commission from 2015-2017.




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