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What is your performance benchmark?

Unclaimed benefits – a dilemma for trustees

Should you rotate your service providers on a regular basis?

What is a service worth to you? Part 1

What is a service worth to you? Part 2

Billion dollar milestones for Retirement Fund Solutions and Benchmark

Dismissal – a major risk for the employer

Pension or provident fund, lump sums or pensions - where to from here?

Amendments of the Labour Act

Has the pensions industry been led astray by its advisers?

African Cup of Investments Conference 2011

Act 15 of 2011: what to do

Income Tax Amendment Act, Act 15 of 2011

African Cup of Investments Conference 2011

What your retirement fund should aim to achieve

Fund strategy

How to invest in uncertain times

The salary replacement ratio

Preferred risk vs required risk

Is your fund appraised of its counter party risks?

Purchasing a pension upon retirement – some pitfalls

Stress testing the life stage model

How to handle fund disputes

Should the employer be represented on a board of trustees?

Should your fund focus on what's best for the group or what's best for the member?

How absence from work affects the employer, the fund and the member

Do your conditions of employment adequately address staff absence?

Do your conditions of employment dovetail with your fund rules regarding maternity leave?

Why do pension fund rules allow additional voluntary contributions

A guide to the Master of the High Court

Administration process of a deceased estate

The pitfalls of participating in a foreign domiciled fund

Housing loans for property outside Namibia

Changes to the South African Estate Duty Act

Namfisa issues revised draft amendments to regulation 1, 26, 27, 28 and 29

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Benchmark Retirement Fund

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How much will you need when you retire and are you investing enough?
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