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Rock solid fund administration that lets you sleep in peace...

In an industry characterised by decisions made and objectives set across the border, Retirement Fund Solutions distinguishes itself by acting in the interests of Namibians. Since its establishment in 1999, the company has grown from strength to strength, attracting a client base of leading Namibian companies and organisations who recognise the benefit of expert pension fund administration by expert Namibians. The company has grown from strength to strength based on a rock solid set of values, and has earned the recognition of being a leader in its field.

What makes us different?


    In order for you to be confident of your fund's performance, stability and status, we keep our meticulous records updated at all times and provide you with documentation, promptly when needed. We do what is needed without delay and keep you informed. We always stay abreast of legislative developments.


    Our people are selected for their capabilities and we train them to take responsibility. We only recruit the best that Namibia has to offer. To date, our staff turnover is minimal. Our staff take pride in their company.


    We make sure that the people who can give you the answers are available when you need them. We provide ongoing information and analysis as the information becomes relevant.


    Where others state their international affiliations, we take pride in being a truly Namibian company with a high level of expertise in the Namibian pension fund and investment environment.


    The true mark of our effectiveness and expertise lies in the enduring relationships that we foster with our clients. To date we have not lost a dissatisfied client to a competitor. It's a claim and a reputation that we take care to preserve.

  • G

    G. Good governance

    In order for you to be confident of your fund's performance, stability and status, we keep our meticulous records updated at all times and provide you with documentation, promptly when needed. We do what is needed without delay and keep you informed. We always stay abreast of legislative developments.

  • R

    R. Rigid quality standards and controls

    Rigid adherence to quality standards and sound financial controls depend on an exceptional team who are both skilled, qualified and committed to professional excellence. Each member of our team is selected for years of appropriate experience, not just to fill vacancies. The financial skills that we bring to the table include seven Certified Financial Planners® and three full-time Chartered Accountants.

  • E

    E. Excellence through local ownership

    Because we are owner-managed, we don’t answer to the bottom line requirements of foreign shareholders. We give full measure of value, and never cut corners to grow our profits. Our managerial dedication and commitment is driven by the fact that we take responsibility for the interests of Namibian entities and individuals.

  • A

    A. Added value

    To ensure that every fund receives the best possible service, we provide the skills and support of an administrator, as well as a technically skilled, qualified and experienced individual to each fund that we manage. We support fund trustees with reporting on the financial regulatory and investment environment to ensure that decisions can be made with understanding, and with confidence that they are correct.

  • T

    T. Track record and reputation

    We don’t grow for the sake of growth and profit. We take a measured approach by matching new fund administration requests to internal acquisition of the right expertise. By choosing the slow path of sustainable growth, over more than 15 years, we have become a leading pension fund administrator, with a fund base that includes many of Namibia’s leading companies. Our reputation bears testimony to the value clients find in dealing with us.

Widely recognised as an industry leader, Retirement Fund Solutions provides pension fund administration services to a wide variety of entities.


  • blue chip companies
  • parastatal organisations
  • banks
  • NGOs and
  • other entities.


  • Fund administration
  • Pensioners administration
  • Administration of living annuities
  • Investment administration for member choice arrangements
  • Housing loan administration

In addition to the categories in which we provide service, we provide administrative advisory services, ongoing information and peace of mind.

We believe that service is more than a product: it is the manner in which our clients achieve the goals of their retirement fund.

Together our team boasts over 800 years’ experience in our field of business and we look forward to servicing our clients well into the current millennium.



  • Festus Hangula


    Festus Hangula has served as a Trustee of the Bank of Namibia Provident Fund, Bankmed Namibia Board of Trustees, Trustee and Chairman of FNB Namibia Pension Fund, Director and Chairman of NamClear, and member of Investment Committee of FNB Holdings. He has served various public institutions as an investment advisor. He has been employed as Treasurer of FNB Namibia, Commissioner of the Namibian Competition Commission and CEO of the Social Security Commission of Namibia. He currently holds the post of Chief Executive Officer of NamPost. He has an MBA in Finance jointly awarded by the Manchester Business School and the University of Wales in the UK.



  • >Marthinuz FabianusManaging DirectorMarthinuz Fabianus


    Marthinuz Fabianus joined United Pension Administrators (UPA) in 1994, fresh from school. He literally worked himself up through the ranks at UPA with lots of drive and a clear goal in sight. In 1999 UPA was sold to Alexander Forbes. When some colleagues (Tilman Friedrich) resigned and formed Retirement Fund Solutions (RFS). Marthinuz, who had risen to the rank of Associate Consultant resigned a year later to take the position of Marketing Manager in Old Mutual’s Employee Benefits division. He resigned from this position in 2001, to re-join Tilman Friedrich at RFS, where he continued to climb the ladder. His upward path began as Administration Manager, followed by Alternate Director, shareholder, Director of Client Services and then Deputy Managing Director before being appointed Managing Director from 01 July 2018. He graduated through part-time studies from Namibian University of Science & Technology with a Diploma in Commerce and Bachelors in Business Management. He also completed a senior management development programme at University of Stellenbosch and various short courses including a macro-economic policy course which he completed at the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) in Turin, Italy. Marthinuz also serves as trustee on the board of the Benchmark Retirement Fund. He re-joined the board of the Retirement Funds Institute of Namibia in 2018, where he previously already served as president from 2005 to 2006. Marthinuz also served as a Commissioner on the Social Security Commission from 2015-2017.

  • Tilman FriedrichDirector (Chairman)Tilman Friedrich


    Tilman Friedrich is a chartered accountant and is one of a few Namibian CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioners in the pensions field. He served his articles with Deloittes in Windhoek and qualified as chartered accountant in 1980. He was awarded the G H R Edmunds price in recognition of his study achievements while studying part time through UNISA. He was audit manager at the time of leaving Deloittes to join what is today known as National Housing Enterprise (NHE) in 1982. At NHE he was instrumental in establishing the operational framework for the then newly founded housing para-statal where he was eventually promoted to assistant general manager responsible for administration, finance, loans and personnel functions. He left NHE at the end of 1990 to join UPA, initially as financial manager but soon to be promoted to general manager and to the board. Tilman founded Retirement Fund Solutions Namibia (Pty) Ltd in 1999, is a shareholder and serves as Chairman of the Board of the company. He was instrumental in establishing the Benchmark Retirement Fund and for many years served as chairperson, and now trustee, of the Fund and various sub-committees.

  • Günter PfeiferDirector: Operations (Umbrella Funds)Günter Pfeifer


    Günter Pfeifer joined our team in February 2009. Günter is responsible for the Benchmark Retirement Fund, and the Retirement Fund for Local Authorities and Utilities in Namibia, our two largest clients. He joined us from De Beers Marine where he held the position of financial manager. Günter distinguished himself with a cum laude in his final year of Bachelor of Commerce (Accountancy) studies, after which he qualified as a chartered accountant. He completed his articles with Deloittes where he was seconded to the Stuttgart office in Germany for 1 year. He left the audit profession in August 1999 having attained the level of audit manager, to join Fedsure as portfolio manager. He left Fedsure's successor Channel Life in the position of financial manager early 2003 to join De Beers Marine. Through Beers Marine he completed the De Beers Program for Management Development at Gordon Institute for Business Science, and the Advanced Development Program at the London Business School. Günter offers a wealth of experience and expertise and is spending much of his time improving the functionality and product range of the Benchmark Retirement Fund for the benefit of all its stakeholders

  • Kai FriedrichDirector: Operations (Private Funds)Kai Friedrich


    Kai Friedrich, son of our managing director, joined us in March 2013 from PricewaterhouseCoopers. Kai is responsible for our private fund administration and fund accounting functions. Kai matriculated at Delta Senior Secondary School. He then enrolled at University of Stellenbosch where he obtained a Bachelors of Accounting (Honours) in 1998. He served his articles with PricewaterhouseCoopers, qualified as Chartered Accountant (Namibia) at the beginning of 2012 and advance to the level of audit manager. Closer to home he enrolled at University of Free State where he obtained the Post Graduate Diploma  in Financial Planning and the advanced post graduate diploma in employee benefits in 2013. He holds certificates for a variety of short courses completed over the past few years.

  • Sharika SkoppelitusDirector: Client ServicesSharika Skoppelitus


    Sharika Skoppelitus started her career in retirement funds management at UPA in 1996, ‘fresh’ from Unam with a B Econ degree, as a fund administrator. However, before she got too deeply involved in fund administration, her communication and people skills afforded her the edge to move into employee benefits consulting under the wings of Tilman Friedrich, general manager of UPA at the time, ending up as lead consultant on a number of the large clients of UPA. With the departure of Tilman following Alexander Forbes’ buy-out of UPA in 1999, Sharika was no longer comfortable in her new environment and took the first opportunity to find a new home when she joined her former UPA colleagues Marc Nel and Trevor Colmer in newly founded employee benefits consultancy, Elite consulting in 2006. In 2007 Sharika joined RFS as client manager and is today responsible for many of our largest retirement fund clients using her people and communication skills to the benefit of her clients. Over the years she progressed to head of client services, became a member of our executive committee and a director of the company in 2016.

  • Louis TheronAssociate Director: Support ServicesLouis Theron


    Louis Theron  joined us on 1 March 2008. Louis is responsible for company operations, covering IT, HR, company financial management and administration. He is a Namibian, born in Cape Town, but grew up on a farm in the south. He obtained a B Econ degree (in 1989) and a higher education diploma (in 1990) from UOFS. In 2003 he obtained an honours degree in business administration from the University of Stellenbosch. Louis joins us from Agribank where he was employed since 1992 working his way up to the position of Manager Financial Services at the time of his departure. Closer to home he served as trustee of the Agribank Pension Fund for 11 years and represented Agribank as director on various boards. Louis’ task is to relieve our retirement fund experts of their management responsibilities so that they can apply their knowledge and expertise for the benefit of our clients.

  • Rauha HangaloDirector (Ex Officio – RFS Staff Trust)Rauha Hangalo


    Rauha Hangalo started her career in retirement funds management as fund accountant at UPA in 1996, and joined RFS in July 2002. Rauha now heads up our Benchmark client services team while also providing client services to a portfolio of our prime private funds. Rauha obtained a BA (Business Administration) from Thiel College in the US. She holds an Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning (Employee Benefits) from University of Free State, the Certificate of Proficiency from Insurance Institute of South Africa and has completed a Programme in Retirement Fund Management through UNISA (IISA Licenciate). She successfully completed the Programme in Advanced Insurance Practice through IISA. In her 20 plus years in the retirement fund industry, Rauha gained very broad experience to all areas of fund management from fund accounting, fund administration and client servicing and is well placed to guide her pension fund clients wherever assistance may be required.


All Executive Directors serve on the Executive Committee.
The following senior managers serve on the Executive Committee as well.

  • 00 fventerSenior Manager:
    Fund AccountingFrieda Venter


    Frieda Venter is a singularly experienced and qualified Namibian with a focus on retirement fund accounting and financial management, as one of the longest serving members of our team, stretching back to 1991. Frieda is responsible for the Benchmark fund accounting function as well as Benchmark financial management. She holds a banking related Lib (SA) certificate, and ‘closer to home’, the Certificate Of Proficiency and the Intermediate Certificate (retirement fund management) of the Insurance Institute of South Africa. She re-joined our team in 2000 and has since been exposed not only to accounting matters but also to fund administration, handling a portfolio of funds in our Benchmark Retirement Fund. In the position of Financial Manager: Benchmark, she is responsible for providing accounting services to and for exercising control of Benchmark Retirement Fund’s financial records and reporting.

  • 00 hvtonderSenior Manager:
    Fund Administration (Umbrella Funds)Hannes van Tonder


    Hannes van Tonder joined our team in April 2004. He heads up our Benchmark Retirement Fund administration services, systems and procedures and in-house umbrella fund administration training. Hannes is well known and respected in the retirement funds industry, having had his first exposure to this specialized field as a member of our team in 1997. Hannes holds a B Com degree from Unam and an honors degree from Unisa. Closer to home, he obtained an IISA Licentiate (Retirement Fund Management) conferred by the Insurance Institute of South Africa. Hannes is responsible for client services to participating employers of the Benchmark Retirement Fund.

  • 00 vnashongwaSenior Manager:
    Fund Administration
    (Private Funds)Victoria Nashongwa


    Victoria Nashongwa joined us at the beginning of 2002 after a brief spell at the City of Windhoek. Vicky is responsible for a team of administrators providing fund administration services to our private fund clients. She has previously been in the employ of Alexander Forbes and its predecessor UPA since March 1997, and calls on extensive, relevant experience. As Insurance Institute of South Africa licentiate, she holds the Intermediate Certificate. Vicky’s passion is client service and fund administration. She is responsible for a number of key fund administration functions, for the maintenance of our administration systems and procedures and staff training.

  • 00 thomasFund Administration
    (Private Funds)Caroline Scott


    Caroline Scott joined us at the beginning of 2003 from Standard Bank trust department where she gained extensive experience in the management of trusts, a field closely related to the pensions industry. Caroline is heading up the administration of the Retirement Fund for Local Authorities and Utilities in Namibia. Before joining Standard Bank she was employed by Nammed, Old Mutual’s medical aid scheme, again in a field closely related to our industry. Caroline started off as administrator in the Benchmark division, she took on responsibility for the administration of a number of participating employers of the fund and moved on again to be responsible for a portfolio of large private fund clients as Portfolio Manager. She has earned herself a reputation for her determination and her firm guidance of clients’ business. Caroline is responsible for the team administering all our private funds except the Retirement for Local Authorities and the Benchmark Retirement Fund.

  • 00 cdiehlInternal Audit, Compliance and Risk ManagementCarmen Diehl


    Carmen Diehl joined us on 8 May 2017 as Manager: Internal Audit, Compliance and Risk Management. Carmen matriculated at DHPS in 2000. She obtained a B. Accounting (Honours) degree in 2004 at the University of Stellenbosch. She started her articles with KPMG in 2005 and moved to EY in October 2006. She completed her articles with EY in 2008 and qualified as a Chartered Accountant (CA). She joined Bravura Namibia Trading in 2008 as Financial Manager. From 2009 until 2012 she was employed by the O&L group as group financial manager: corporate finance, where after she joined Ohorongo Cement. Carmen is married and the mother of 2 children.

  • 00 paulgordonPrincipal Officer:
    BenchmarkPaul-Gordon /Guidao-‡Oab


    Paul-Gordon /Guidao-‡Oab joined us in May 2016 as Manager: Internal Audit, Compliance and Risk. Paul-Gordon did his articles at SGA Chartered Accountants and Auditors and also gained experience as audit supervisor at SGA after his articles. He worked at Pupkewitz as Internal Auditor and also gained experience in the areas of audit and risk management at Magnet Bureau de Change. He holds a B Compt degree from UNISA. Paul-Gordon is responsible for the development of products within Benchmark and has been appointed Principal Officer of the fund effective 1 January 2019.


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