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I have no doubt in my mind that you are indeed the best. In your newsletters you do offer much, much more than any trustee can absorb when attending meetings and training sessions or reading newspapers. You are feeding us with a golden spoon! Hence why I do encourage my trustees to read your newsletters, circulars, etc. because they will not get this concise and well thought-out information from any other source or company.
Mr. F
Your above letter: What a breath of fresh air of honesty in the current tornado of  fraud / bribery / corruption on a daily basis. Indeed gives one much needed hope that small pockets of integrity still exist in our Country.
Dear T,
I am a regular reader of your newsletter as I find it useful to understand what is happening in the market. I assume other readers also enjoy it for the same reasons as mine...
Dear A,
Thank you very much for the excellent service that we have received from you. Your work was always of the highest standard and it was a pleasure to work with you. All the best with your future. I am looking forward to again work with E. RFS is lucky to have such dedicated and excellent staff members.
Dear J
Thank you for the good service that I’m always receiving from you, honestly it is a privilege to work with you!
Guten Morgen Frau B
Vielen Dank fuer die schnelle Antwort. Dann ist ja alles Super, war nur etwas “geworried” das was falsch lief. Freu mich das es noch Firmen gibt wo man einen Service kriegt. Vielen Dank.!”

Translated: Thank you very much for your prompt answer. Then everything seems fine, was just worried that something had gone wrong. Glad that there are still firms where one is getting service. Thank you!
“Dear Mr. F,
I also wish to thank you, S, and H for all the advice, patience and assistance provided to me - I really appreciate it!
R, thank you very, very much for all your assistance in this regard in getting the SIH information ready for submission in such a short period of time! Again just affirmation of the fact that RFS can always be counted on in delivering service to their clients.
Now this is 1st world class service highly impressed we thank you M.
Ihr nehmt uns viel Verantwortung und Arbeit von den Schultern und wir wissen dass wir bei euch gut aufgehoben sind.

Translated: You take a lot of responsibility and work off our shoulders and we know with you we are in good hands.
Dear J
Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I am very impressed with your quick service.
Hey B,
….Thank you kindly for your efficient service. It truly is very differentiated from all else I have received in our market. Keep it up!
E, jy's 'n absolute ster, dis hoekom ek so mal is oor RFS, professioneel en effektiewe diens, verskriklik dankie!
Dear K
Thank you very much for your efficiency and high level of professionalism….
In Zeiten wo doch vieles sehr schnelllebig wirkt ist es doch immer gut zu wissen, daß finanzielle Angelegenheiten wie zum Beispiel unser Pension Fond in guten Händen ist! Vielen Dank Euch auch für die positive Zusammenarbeit und Eure Mühe die Hürden die uns von / durch u.A. Namfisa aufgelegt werden zu überwinden.

Translated: In times that appear to be fast moving it is good to know that financial matters such as our pension fund are in good hands! Many thanks to you also for the positive cooperation and your efforts to cross the hurdles that are being imposed upon us by Namfisa, amongst others.
...Can assure you that I don’t have one negative thing to say about RFS, in the 30 years that I’ve worked with various ‘pension fund administrators etc.’ – I’ve never worked with a fund so professional and accessible.
It is an absolute pleasure to experience the standard of service K delivers. In the Namibian context it is exemplary. It makes my life as PO rather easy.
Hi B,
Baie dankie vir al die moeite ons waardeer dit opreg. Dis so spesiaal om iemand soos jy te he met wie jy persoonlike kontak kan het.  Dit voel soos ‘n dokters rekening altyd die vrymoedigheid om jou te kontak. Baie dankie daarvoor. Ons sal nog ‘n brief skryf as jy my net ‘n mail adres gee om vir jou baas te se baie dankie vir die wonderlike behandeling by julle.
Dear T and N
Your e-mails of 1 September 2015 with regard to the withdrawal benefit of Mr V H.
Thank you –
  • for taking care of a first ever request from a member of our Fund.
  • N, for asking me immediately, when I called you, whether I have read my e-mails. I was out of office, did not know which form must be signed, and I could not recall signing an indemnity form ever before. Having read my e-mail, I knew exactly what to do.
  • T, for explaining the consequences of such a request. When I saw your e-mail, I knew that this was not just an ordinary e-mail,
  • that we can always rely on your support, your immediate action – whatever the situation.
Dear Mr F
My apology if I’m infringing on your busy schedule, but
  1. as you know, in our day-to-day business operations Managers are normally only contacted by clients to lodge complaints.
  2. I would, however, like to compliment you and your Company with outstanding service rendered by one of your employees, Mr M, Portfolio Manager.
  3. In the same vain I would thus accordingly applaud Mr M for his professional, proficient and efficient service rendered so far during my dealings with him. Thanks and keep up the good work!!!!!.
Good Afternoon K,
Your prompt response to the request is highly appreciated. Kindly note that this effort forms part of consultations from our part and further consultations will take place once we have established a foundation, before implementation that is. Your participation in the exercise is highly noted.
You had me in tears! I really did not know that people like you still exist? Endangered species I’m telling you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening to my plea this morning. Jy sal nooit besef hoe bly het jy iemand se hart gemaak nie. God see and God bless!
It has been a pleasure working with RFS for the past few years. I must admit that the association has enriched my views on governance as for the first time I had to reflect on governance of an entity that is essentially owner-managed.
The speed at which you respond is beyond my wildest expectations. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
Thank you once again for your continuous assistance and support. I really appreciate what you are doing for our employees. It is very rare that you will find a dedicated team like yours.
Sorry, I forgot to mention that apart from all financial institutions I deal with, you have the best service and I am looking at re-invest with Benchmark Retirement Fund again, the earnings from my commercial investment in year's time or so.
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